AJ stepped in with the devil sitting on his shoulders.  Onika locked the door behind him and lead him
to Gisele’s room.  With her soaking wet size two body twisting her skinny butt every step of the way.  
AJ pushed Gisele’s door open with the slightest touch of his left hand, and placed a green spiral
note book on the twin bed under a large silver metallic wrapped box with pink ribbon housing a
series of Victoria’s best.  Pink, black, red, cream, green, and gold teddy’s with a large bottle of Arden
Beauty.   He closed the door behind him and attempted to walk out of the apartment.  He was
captivated and detained by Onika’s naked body waiting for him at the tip of her door.

    “Do you see anything you like?”  She questioned him, running her hands over her nipples to
    her mid thigh, and back around her bony but ever present bottom.

    “I’d be lying if I said no!”  He answered loosing the battle of good and evil.

    “Really, why don’t you come here and let me show you what you have been missing?”

    AJ took two steps closer to Onika then took four steps back running into the white wall.  She
    decided to rescue him from himself.  She grabbed his right arm and led him to her twin bed.  
    Upon which she slowly undressed him, kissing him firmly, and wrapping his arms around
    her almost indiscernible waist.

    “Stop!”  AJ mustered.

    “Excuse me?”

    “You heard me I said stop!”  He reinforced his demands stepping far away from her.  Backing
    himself up in the corner of the room.

    “AJ, come on now, you know full well you do not want me to stop.  You were enjoying this
    more than I was.  Look at your friend; he does not want me to stop,” she said pointing at the
    pistol that was ready to spray her with silver at any given moment.

    “Girl you know we don’t need to be doing this.  What about Gisele?  She’s your roommate,”
    he asked pushing her hands back.

    “What about her?  Yeah she’s my roommate, that’s it.  The friendship stops there.  She is not
    here right now anyway.  She’s out shaking her thang with her real friends for her twenty-first
    birthday.  So if you want to get this party started you need to quit bs-ing and bring me that!”  
    She instructed pointing at his pants.

    AJ looked at her then at his watch, back at her, and at the red demon posted up on his right

    “You know if Gisele hears about this she is going to kick your ass!”  He confronted her
    making sure she knew the verdict before he took off his boxers and showed her what he had
    been blessed with.

    “Baby boo, who is going to tell her?  Right now I only see two people in this room, and I for
    one will not be the messenger.”